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Agreed Reports to the Community

Board of Management Report To Community For Tuesday 26th January 2021

School Events for December


ASD awareness talk

6th Year LCA


Hear and Dare Information talks

6th years


School Vaccinations

1st & 2nd Years


UCD Mentor Session

5th & 6th Years


Dun Laoghaire College Further Ed talk

5th & 6th Years


IAPI Student Mentoring

5th Years


Christmas Concert

Whole School


Christmas Carol service

Whole School

Wellbeing Activities

  • Wellbeing displays and presentations designed by students were displayed in school -
  • Wellbeing Winter walks where students were brought on social distanced walks to Dun Laoghaire before Christmas by their tutors.
  • Wellbeing - Hot Chocolate organised by TY students for all students

January Weekly Assembly Themes

11th – 15th

Cornelia Connelly’s Birthday (15th) Community What does it mean?

18th – 22nd

The Truth, the whole truth?

Our Online Learning Approach

Students follow their usual timetables

Daily meetings with tutors at 8.42

Engagement in assessment/assignments is good

School office remains open

Weekly assemblies for all year groups with Principal/Deputy Principal

Wellbeing activities organised for all

38 Chromebooks distributed to students across all year groups

Student of the week

Some teachers are teaching from school

LCT 3-4 out of 5 classes are live

Attendance in online classes to date has been very encouraging

JCT 2 out of 3 classes are live

Wonderwall - https://padlet.com/HolyChildCS/WonderWall

HSCL based in school

School Maintenance

  • Roof repairs
  • Sports Hall Heating
  • School Furniture
  • Lighting Upgrade


  • Monthly online Attendance Drive continues students are awarded certs and small prizes
  • Grand Prize draw funded by SCP took place at the end of December
  • Comparison and overview of attendance rate

No. of students achieving 80% attendance in Term 1 19/20

No. of students achieving 80% attendance in Term 1 20/21




December 2020:

  • The Gift of Giving - 65 students across all years got involved with many bringing books home for family members. Easons donated 35 Books, Gill donated 10, and a publishing company donated many. Some students went home with more than 1 book, it was a great initiative and was a huge morale booster just before the break.
  • Word Millionaire - Word Millionaire came to an end with the 1st years, between the 2 classes 2.4 million words were read. 60% of this was male readers, which is a huge improvement compared to previous years.

January 2021:

  • Scooter: Due to Covid19 School closures we have the time and opportunity to update the Scooter Database for book cataloguing and student profile building.
  • Digital media literacy: Promoting the availability of JCSP Digital library to our students on Social media platforms.
  • LYLD- Planning for Love Your Library day in February in both circumstances of School or Online learning. This includes a School wide D.E.A.R and Quiz


Mid year reports were analysed by Year Heads and students were awarded certificates for academic achievement in the following categories:

  • Academic excellence Overall - Most Improved - Endeavour - Top Grade in each subject

Progression to College

UCD Mentoring is finishing with 6th Years, last session was on Monday 18TH Jan

UCD Mentoring is starting for 5th Years on Monday Feb 1st

Trinity Mentoring will reconvene in February across all 5th and TY students

Business in the Community started again on the 21st Jan.

One – One Guidance

All students have received extensive one to one sessions regarding their interests in different areas. Insight profiles have been conducted also to ensure that students are selecting courses that are relatable to their own traits.

Colleges that have spoken to the student’s around careers and courses to date



➢ Technological University

➢ Black Rock Further Ed

➢ Dun Laoghaire Further Ed

➢ Sallynoggin Further Ed

➢ Attended Higher Options Online Convention in November across all 6th Years and 6AP

Transition - College

Course /College Option 1

Course /College Option 2

Course/College Option 3

Student 1

Psychology NCI

Applied psychology IADT

Psychology - advanced Blackrock

Student 2

Creative music production IADT

New media studies IADT

Arts management

Student 3

Medicine- UCD

Physiotherapy UCD

Science - UCD

Student 4

Mechanical Engineering

Accounting Tallaght

Accounting Blanchardstown

Student 5

Fitness (Sallynoggin)

Sport Mgt Blanch

Sport Management blanc level 7

Student 6

Engineering (General Entry) TU

Electronic Engineering (TU)

Business Tec Uni

Student 7

Animation IADT

3D Design IADT

Architecture UCD

Student 8

DN520 Joint Hons UCD

NC009 Business/NCI

TU908 Management Tec Uni

Student 9

Joint Arts UCD (Maths and Music)

Joint Arts UCD (Math’s and Geog)

Student 10

Creative Music Production IADT

Culinary Arts TUD

Culinary Science TUD

Student 11

Language & International Tourism

French Linguistics UCD

Humanities UCD

Student 12

DN520 Joint Hon UCD

TU 942 Culinary Arts Tech Uni

TU989 Early Childhood Blanch

Student 13

PLC Computer Courses

PLC Computer course in Blackrock

Student 14

PLC Science Multiple Further Ed

Student 15

PLC Social Care

LCA Programme 6th Year (11 Students)

Student 1

Dun Laoghaire Carpentry/ Joinery (Interest) Is yet to apply

Student 2

Beauty Blackrock (Accepted)

Student 3

Leisure and Fitness Sallynoggin Further Ed (Applied)

Student 4

ESB Apprenticeship (Opens in Feb)

Student 5

Electrical Apprenticeship with Family Member (Is Yet to be confirmed)

Student 6

Interested in (Dance) (Childcare) (Fitness) Is yet to confirm application to Sallynoggin Further Ed

Student 7

Interest in Beauty Blackrock (Applied)

Student 8

Is yet to determine interest in an area

Student 9

Interested in Electrical Apprenticeship through family acquaintance.

Student 10

Does not want to pursue further ed, wishes to work in family business

Student 11

Will pursue specialised school to the needs of the student

Feb 01
Mock Exams
Feb 13
Mid Term Break
Mar 02
Parent Teacher Meeting 1st. Poppy, 3rd & 6th
Mar 02
Early Closure, 3.15pm
Pearse Street, Sallynoggin, Co. Dublin.
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