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Our Ethos

Holy Child Community School was established in 1970 with the objective of providing a comprehensive, co-educational, multi denominational and accessible education for all in the community. HCCS is a designated co-educational multi denominational Community School under the trusteeship of Le Chéile Schools Trust .

We see spirituality as the true essence of every human being and we welcome those of all faiths and those of none.

The school draws on the richness of the religious and cultural heritage of the founder Cornelia Connelly of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. Cornelia Connelly developed an educational system based on trust, respect and the joy of learning. She believed children learn best when taught with reverence and respect, and when they are actively engaged in their education.


Beart agus Briathar– Actions and words

In our motto from Cornelia Connelly, we have a legacy of care and compassion for those close to us but also the world community. Cornelia Connolly operated schools and created an educational program where the uniqueness and dignity of every person was paramount. This was to be shown not only in words of kindness but in acts of compassion and justice. We see this as an essential tool for living a fulfilled life.


Our vision is to be a rich learning environment that enhances students lives and the lives of our wider community and society. Supporting our vision are our core values which we believe help to set a strong foundation for our community, Respect Responsibility


HCCS welcomes students with diverse abilities and talents. In keeping with our Christian ethos, we seek to recognise and develop these varied gifts and to promote in our students a sense of self-confidence, tolerance and respect for others. We foster learning within a secure and happy environment, so that our students may mature to their fullest potential in personal, social, physical, aesthetic, spiritual and academic skills. We see parents/guardians as being essential partners in this process and look to them for support and reinforcement. Our school structures, curriculum and special events are all designed to reinforce these values and this vision





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