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Our Library is the heart of the school, the social hub, at HCCS we focus on making the library accessible to all. Holy Child is a Literacy focused school, we hold literacy to a high importance inside and outside the classroom. We have our own librarian to help students find their books of interest and promote the schools literacy events. We are a National Well Read school, we won this award in 2019. The library focuses on developing students to read for enjoyment. The large library space is also used for workshops and speakers for the students, in the past the library has housed the school musical, the parents association events, movie days, award ceremonies. Some literacy events that take place in the library yearly include the following…

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Books Vs Movies - used to highlight the differences between the books and films,and to promote books that have been made into a film/tv show on the latest streaming platforms such as Netflix, or Disney +.

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Word Millionaire - This JCSP Initiative we run every November- December for our first year students. Each First year class is encouraged to be the first to collectively read 1,000,000 words. What starts out as fierce competition, ultimately ends with reading for pleasure which is the end goal anyway.

Halloween Howls - Halloween fun in the library. Students are encouraged to read books that contain a non-human character, they can also write a story or draw a poster based on the Halloween theme.

12 Days of Christmas - The 12 Days of Christmas, are a fun and festive time in the library where we partake in many different activities such as… Christmas Around The World: Where students can learn about the different Christmas traditions celebrated by different cultures and nationalities. Wish Wall, students write down some of their wishes for the Christmas period, or the year ahead, some wishes are picked for a small prize. Bookvent Calendar, the first student to read and finish a book on each of the 12 days gets to open that day on the calendar. The Gift of Giving, this year we created something new, we decided to give back to the community that had been through a lot already, So students were given the opportunity to ask for a book to gift someone at home for Christmas. The local companies got involved through donations and it was a wonderful way to give back.

Love Your Library Day - We celebrate ‘love your library day’ in February and it has become an annual tradition. We have some fun games, Match the literary couples, Where's Wally etc. We do a Random Act of kindness, where students can nominate others to receive something small and meaningful. Students write down all their reasons they love the library. The Day ends with one of our midterm quizzes.


Drop everything and read - Holy Child takes part in the National Drop Everything and Read yearly. Where we ask the whole school to drop everything that they are doing and pick up a book and read for 20 minutes.

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Games Club - Every Lunch hour, we host a Games Club in the library for students.

Homework Club - Homework Club takes place in the library, everyday after school. This gives students the opportunity to do their homework in a supervised environment with a teacher present if they need help.

Digital Library.- Students have access to the JCSP Digital Library for students, each student can gain access by speaking our librarian in the library!

The JCSP has 1000s of Books, Comic Books and Audio books for all ages.



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