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Student Council

Student Council

Holy Child Community School allows and encourages all year groups of the student body to be represented as elected members to the Student Council so as to gain an insight into issues, opinions & perspectives from the Student Voice.

We strive to have a gender balance on the council with 1 male/ female from each year, this ensures as many perspectives as possible are heard.

Interviews are organised & held by the Student Leadership Team themselves.

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Training and updates from the national Student Council union - ISSU, are attained through conferences & symposiums online. Various senior & junior members have represented Holy Child CS. It is hoped that as many members as possible get the chance to attend nation-wide meetings.

Links have been made with neighbouring schools such as Newpark Comprehensive, in order to join in on training days with ISSU & gain insight into their best practise & observe other means in using Student Voice.

It is ensured that all year groups are placed on the council. Meetings are arranged weekly/ bi-weekly on different days/ class times so as not to disrupt learning in the same subjects. Seniors & juniors are occasionally met with at different times in order to hear as many voices as possible.

Fundraising initiatives are agreed in advance with management & the profits are also awarded to different causes or benefactors through group decisions

The student body is encouraged & reminded to use the school Suggestion Box placed in the front hall to bring problems, suggestions or possible changes to S.C. awareness in meetings. The box is checked at the start of each meeting.

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Agendas are written up at the start of each meeting. Minutes are taken by a volunteer. These are then printed & displayed for the entire school to see on the Student Council noticeboard in the corridor.

Testimonies from members on Student Council; 2020/21

“It gives all students a voice” - Goodness Ogundare, 6th Year

“Student Council teaches me how to work as part of a team” - Rachel Stephens, 5th Year

“Being part of Student Council has build my confidence” - Amy O’Brien, TY

“Student Council has allowed me to use my voice within the school” - Hartely Torrices, 5th year

“It has helped me in how to tackle problems and to solve them”, Harrison Torrices, 1st year

“This year I successfully implemented access for students to the school WIFI, in order to lighten school bags, as we had no access to lockers in first half of the day due to Covid restrictions”, Michael Janog, 6th year

Student CouncilStudent Council
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