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The Arts

The Arts


There is a rich music programme in HCCS.

Students are given the opportunity to engage with a wide range of instruments such as Ukulele, Guitar and piano. Singing and Choir have become stronger than ever before with the introduction of choir classes as part of the wellbeing curriculum.

There is a ‘Music Week’ hosted to showcase the subject in HCCS. During this time activities are organised each day at lunchtime for students to gain an insight and experience music. These activities and events display the array of opportunities within the field of music and also showcases the talents and work of the students.

Our students are a huge part of our school services such as graduation, Easter & Christmas. The Christmas Talent show is also a huge event at HCCS. Each year the talent show is organised to showcase talents by students throughout every year group of the school.

Musicals have returned to Holy Child Community School with the TYs performing their own version of Return to the 80s based on 80s hits! Students continue to prepare for musical performances during TY with the show being a huge success. These Musicals teach our students many lifelong skills and build their confidence to work independently and as a team!

Art Club

Art Club is hosted in the art room and is open to all students of HCCS.

All students who want to work in a creative space, receive help on class work or their own personal projects are welcome.

Students who have an interest in any particular form of art including digital art, film, animation, painting, sculpture to name a few can receive guidance from the art teacher.

Students are encouraged to use this time to focus on their own technical skills or research new techniques/materials possibly not available at home such as green screen technology!

Our students have entered many competitions successfully such as the Young Animators of the Year, DLR competitions, Texaco Art Competition, Zurich Young Portrait Artist, TIA.ie and many more.

We also run lots of in-house competitions in HCCS!
Competitions for new postcard designs, our School Journal cover design competition, poster competitions, bookmark designs for the library and many more!

A very successful and meaningful competition is our Postcard competitions. Teachers send home postcards to students with positive messages throughout the year, these postcards are designed and display the students name proudly as the designer.

We are very proud of our students' creativity and display their work around the school building to showcase the fantastic talents that HCCS holds.

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